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16. Panzer-Division: Kharkov 1942

June 22, 2017

Interesting history of 16th Panzer at Karkhov.




16th Panzer is also the focus of the NUTS! Stalingrad campaign book. While the book also lets you play the Soviet side, 16th Panzer was the “tip of the spear” on the drive to Stalingrad and was engaged in heavy fighting in all phases of the campaign. The unit was chosen as the book focus since a number of units from 16th Panzer escaped as the Soviet pincer was closing in, and provides campaign continuity for a player.

Here’s a free scenario from the book: NUTS Stalingrad – Filippov at the Bridge


NUTS WW2 skirmish system being played at West Point?!

November 22, 2016

How awesome is that, to see the NUTS WW2 skirmish system being played at West Point.

From the Two Hour Wargames blog:

Monday, 21 November 2016
NUTS at West Point?!
Came across these two Tweets about NUTS! being played at West Point to teach WWII squad tactics to cadets. Very cool!

Operation Winter Storm – NUTS! Hell Hath No Fury After Action Report

February 6, 2015

The scenario set-up: a 28mm game set in Operation Winter Storm (December 1942) using the new NUTS! Hell Hath No Fury tank campaign system.

This was a co-op game pitting German players commanding up to a platoon of tanks of the 11th Panzer Regt. against the Soviet Non-Player Enemy forces, basically a dice and paper driven “AI” that allows players to game co-o and solo-play games.

The German players used good armor tactics, moving on bounding overwatch, trying to keep formations in supporting positions and making good use of their scout car to spot enemy PEFs. The manner in which Soviet PEFs were resolved and moved according to the NPE/PEF charts gave the feel of a hasty Soviet counter attack trying to stem the German advance.

The “high water” mark came with the intense tank duel in the village, where the higher REPs of the German players gave them just enough edge to get the first shots off, and some lucky rolls saw more Soviet tanks brew up than German tanks.

“T-34 Spotted, 300 meters, fire! Hit, oh noes, it bounced off the front glacis! Reload! Incoming, KACHANK! Is everyone OK? Loader? UP! Gunner, FIRE! Hit, engage next target!”

The Panzer IV and Scout car were recovered and put back into the fight, but the Marder was a wreck. Leutnant Michaels of the medium Panzer platoon did exceedingly well, adding five “kill rings” to his tank.


NUTS! War Without End coming in June 2011

April 24, 2011

NUTS! War Without End draft cover art

Here’s a sneak peak at the cover art — all the weird war madness you could ever want in one book!

NUTS! Weird War 2 first draft rules in playtest

April 21, 2011

Whew! The initial hard rules grinding for NUTS! Weird War 2 is done and now it’s time to try and break ’em with playtesting. I’ve found that while what you’ve written is self-evidently brilliant and ground breaking (to yourself!), the real test is when someone not close to the rules takes a read and says “What is this gibberish!?!”

“Why, what do you mean?,” says the brilliant rules author.

“I can’t understand what these rules are supposed to do, this modifier chart is too complex, I don’t get why that unit does what it does, and what about this other rule that blows up the game by unbalancing the thing-a-ma-jingy charge against the whats-it-whose-it?”

“Oh,” says deflated less than brilliant rules author. “I hadn’t thought of that…”

So thanks to those who’ve stepped forward to help playtest. If you’d like to help, just drop me a line and I can send you a draft!

Free Black Devils at Stalingrad mini-campaign available at Two Hour Wargames

March 2, 2011

Black Devils Naval Infantry

I have uploaded a free mini-campaign and source book on WW2 Soviet Naval Infantry into the “Official” NUTS! file section at the Two Hour Wargames Yahoo! site. This document contains:

1. A brief background on the “Black Devils” Soviet Naval Infantry of WW2
2. Unit organization for Soviet Naval Infantry
3. A 3-scenario mini Stalingrad campaign set around the 92nd Naval Infantry
Brigade and its historic stand at the Grain Elevator.

Get it here:

Black Devils at Stalingrad

I hope you enjoy this mini-campaign book!!

Large NUTS! Stalingrad maps available

February 4, 2011

Two Hour Wargames has released a free 28-page PDF containing the scenario maps (in color) from their recent publication, NUTS! Stalingrad. The file is located in the OFFICIAL THW Rules Updates/Stalingrad – Heroes All folder of the twohourwargames Yahoo! Group.

Go get em!

NUTS! Stalingrad Campaign Book Available!

January 14, 2011

NUTS! Stalingrad Campaign Book Available from Two Hour Wargames

Woot! Woot! My second game book is now available from Two Hour Wargames — NUTS! Stalingrad: Heroes All. Here’s the description from the book cover:

Stalingrad – the Graveyard of Ambition

Stalingrad is a name synonymous with great sacrifice, and as a cautionary — the graveyard of ambition. A Soviet arsenal city and gateway to the Caucasus, in 1942 Stalingrad became the focal point of one of the pivotal battles of the Second World War – a battle that, but for Hitler’s ego and poor military decisions, may never have happened. Hitler originally planned to drive Army Group South into the Caucasus to seize the Soviet oil supply, but instead he drove much of it into destruction amidst the lethal ruins of Stalingrad.

Stalingrad: Heroes All is a supplement for NUTS! 2nd Edition. Although intended to be played from the German side, Stalingrad: Heroes All plays just as well from the Soviet side. It can also be played solo, cooperatively with all players on the same side or head to head.

Packed with 22 linked scenarios, this book covers a variety of small-unit and medium-sized actions from lunges across the Russia steppes during Fall Blau, to short sharp fights in the rubble of the Rattenkrieg, to desperate struggles for survival during the Kessel. This book also introduces several new unit types, hero characters and morale advantages.

Lead a tank charge across the steppes. Scramble for food in a ruined basement. Drive your foe into (or away from!) the Volga. It’s all up to you.

What will you do when you face the hell of Stalingrad: Heroes All??

The book centers around the 16th Panzer Division, but you can just as easily play a Soviet-centric campaign based around the 126th Rifle Division.  I hope you enjoy it.

It’s available at Two Hour Wargames here:

Draft NUTS! Stalingrad Cover reviewed

January 4, 2011

I just had the chance to review the cover art that Ed at Two Hour Wargames worked up for the upcoming NUTS! Stalingrad book. It looked really nice, I’m looking forward to seeing a final review draft and then off to the world!!

NUTS! on sale at Two Hour Wargames

December 2, 2010

If you’re interested in trying out the NUTS! WW2 skirmish system, Two Hour Wargames is having a sale on NUTS rules this month:

Once you have the core rules, there’s a growing selection of supplements for NUTS as well: