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On the workbench: Dark Ages battle debris terrain for DuxB

November 14, 2013

After months and months of playing a Dux Britannarium campaign and finally getting my warband painted, my somewhat ADD type attention turns to some Dark Ages terrain bits for the battlefield. I have your basic trees and such, so I decided to add some unique Small terrain pieces. First concept is a 6″ x 6″ battle debris terrain piece. This would probably be a minor obstacle.

I have a number of Gripping Beast Dark Ages casualties, some left over spears and bits, so let’s see how it’s shaping up. The base is MDF with a thin layer of “pink stuff” foam, then coated with spackle and sand on the edges, with a resin paste in the middle. The resin paste, which you can get at a craft store, hardens up in an irregular pattern and when painted looks very much like a muddy area. I’ve usually used it for adding wagon wheel ruts and the like to vehicle bases.


Dark Ages Wagon set

I set the casualty figures into the resin paste (with white glue). Extra shields were cut from plasticard with cracked lentils for the shield bosses. I figure the flock of ravens (from Reaper miniatures) will get bent in storage, so it will be on a small base that slots into the center of the terrain piece for easier storage.


Flock of Ravens


View of battlefield terrain piece from above

Base coated terrain







Now that it’s all set and dried I’ve base coated it and will start doing the detail work.


On the Workbench: Making a Slag Heap

April 21, 2010

Starting planning for a game I’m going to run at Kublacon. Set in Stalingrad, based around a fight to take a slag heap in the factory district that would provide “high ground.” Now I need to make a slag heap! I bought some “pink” insulating foam from the local Home Depot, now how to make it? Based on what little I can find the slag heap in the factory area was a short term dumping ground, but grew to a pretty good size. Maps don’t show it, Google Earth and old photos kind of give an indicator, looks like the Southeast part of the Tractor Factory may have been where it was located. The current slag heap for the factory is on the north, but it doesn’t appear there in WW2 Geman aerial recon photos.Here’s a map of the game table:

Slag Heap game map

Now, here’s some real slag heaps. Very steep. So I think I’ll go with multiple layers of foam with some areas as “levels” for figures, perhaps with cut outs for individual figures to stand.

1930s Pennsylvania slag heap

Slag Heap (Britain)

British slag heaps 1940s

First things first, have to cut a base from MDF, probably in several sections so I can assemble them for easy transport.