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On the Workbench: хэви-метал! (1/48th scale KV-1 tanks)

January 21, 2015

More heavy metal for my”28mm” WW2 armor wargaming collection – a platoon of KV-1 heavy tanks. These are two different 1/48th scale model kits I got cheap on eBay. One is an old Bandai kit, the other is a newer Tamiya kit. The Tamiya kit has lots o great detail, despite the finicky tank tread bits the hull is of die-case metal and makes it feel more survivable as a game figure. I tend to mix my armor scales, with most of my heavy tanks in 1/48th scale and my Medium/Lights in 1/50th and 1/56th/. I’ve found it all looks OK as long as the same kind of tanks are kept to the same scale — so don’t mix 1/48th scale and 1/56th scale Shermans, doesn’t look good!

Let’s see how that platoon of Panzer IIIs I finished earlier fare against these beasts!


1/48th scale KV-1 tanks ready for service.



On the Workbench — 1/285th scale Gear Krieg 3D test prints

August 24, 2014

While working on 3D artwork to up-scale Gear Krieg from 15mm to 1/56th scale for 28mm Weird War 2 gaming, we also took GK down a notch to 1/285th scale. Here are some initial prototype 3D prints from Shapeways with some 1/285th GHQ vehicles as scale reference. The General Early and Valkyrie walkers were printed in White Strong Flexible and look fairly rough. The gun barrels will need to be re-done, and the models would benefit from finer printing. The G-27 and AWA were printed in Frosted Detail.

Group Shot

US General Early combat walkers and non-canon USMC amphibious walkers

More US General Early combat walkers

Soviet G-27 light combat walkers

German Valkyrie combat walkers


USMC Amphibious Combat Walker

August 10, 2014

This is a prototype WW2 USMC Amphibious Combat Walker. Why should the Army get all the fun? Those jarheads need close fire support against the Japanese, and a combat walker is just the thing. While the Marines used Army Walkers for a bit, it’s only fair and just they get their own. This design is based on the LVT series of amphibious landing vehicles and close support vehicles. The hull of the AWA (Assault Walker Amphibious) is shaped like a boat’s hull and the legs and land propulsion system tucks up against the side creating an ungainly yet seaworthy combat walker. While less seaworthy than a LVT, it can take choppier seas and swells than a Dual Drive Tank and when combined with it’s walking ability can cross coral reefs and other obstacles that would trap a standard LVT or DD tank.

Propulsion and Mobility: A dual-drive inline radial engine powers the vehicle on land and in the water. In water transport mode the AMA’s protected propellers draw water through intakes in the lower hull, with secondary motive power provided by the walker’s tracks, which are modeled after the LVT and have “scoop” shaped treads which help propel the craft. When on land the crew have their choice of “road” travel mode or walker mode. In walking mode the walker’s weight is more evenly distributed than other US walkers through broader feet and support struts that allow it to walk on soft and sandy soil. The AWA also has sharp “toes” in it’s front wheel housing that allow it to climb sharper grades and hills, digging into the soil and providing more traction.

Armor: Like all combat walkers there’s a trade off in mobility and protection and it has about the same armor as the US General Early M11A3 combat walker (GK) or the M17A1 Medium Walker (WWE).

Weapons: The AWA “Satan” is designed as a close support walker and mounts a modified 75 mm Howitzer Motor Carriage M8 – armed with a 75 mm howitzer, and a Canadian Ronson flamethrower. The Ronson has a small napthalene fuel tank with less pressure and range than a standard mount, but sufficient to take out most fortified positions. The AWA also mounts a front pintel .30cal Browning LMG, plus an armored gun tub with an additional .30cal Browning LMG.

There are stats for the AWA given in NUTS: War Without End, but should this become part of GearKrieg’s “official” world?

On the Workbench: Early WW2 Russian & German tanks

June 12, 2014

With NUTS! Final Version out, I’m finally sitting down at the workbench for some unfinished projects — early WW2 Russian and German tanks. I just completed some 1/56th scale Soviet T-28 heavy tanks by the sculpting guru Tony Ashcroft, and next up is a platoon of German Pzr. III Ausf J tanks to give them a run for their money. These are the older kits from JTFM,  and I will probably get extra turrets to swap out for the Ausf F version.

T-28 Heavy Tanks

Pzr. III Ausf J tanks

1/56th scale General Early first production kits

June 14, 2011

New pulls of the Early mech from the molds by JTFM. These are the production kit resin components. JTFM has really done a nice job on these. Notice the grab holds and other cast on details!

General Early 1/56th scale first production kit - Driving , Scout mode

General Early 1/56th scale first production kit - Driving mode (turret)

General Early 1/56th scale first production kit - Scout mode

General Early 1/56th scale first production kit - Walking mode (turret)

Valkyrie Hull Prints in Hand

May 16, 2011

Valkyrie Hull Prints

I just got some rapid prototype hull prints of the 1/56th scale Valkyrie in hand from Shapeways. The Valkyrie has been designed in 3D courtesy of Shane Smith, and worked on through multiple edits to arrive at the final design. This set is for personal use and review, the final master is being printed via Moddler. Moddler is able to print incredibly detailed models, very impressive. We are using the same process for other vehicles currently in design. I’ll release more images as I work on these.

NUTS! War Without End coming in June 2011

April 24, 2011

NUTS! War Without End draft cover art

Here’s a sneak peak at the cover art — all the weird war madness you could ever want in one book!

NUTS! Weird War 2 first draft rules in playtest

April 21, 2011

Whew! The initial hard rules grinding for NUTS! Weird War 2 is done and now it’s time to try and break ’em with playtesting. I’ve found that while what you’ve written is self-evidently brilliant and ground breaking (to yourself!), the real test is when someone not close to the rules takes a read and says “What is this gibberish!?!”

“Why, what do you mean?,” says the brilliant rules author.

“I can’t understand what these rules are supposed to do, this modifier chart is too complex, I don’t get why that unit does what it does, and what about this other rule that blows up the game by unbalancing the thing-a-ma-jingy charge against the whats-it-whose-it?”

“Oh,” says deflated less than brilliant rules author. “I hadn’t thought of that…”

So thanks to those who’ve stepped forward to help playtest. If you’d like to help, just drop me a line and I can send you a draft!

Draft NUTS! Stalingrad Cover reviewed

January 4, 2011

I just had the chance to review the cover art that Ed at Two Hour Wargames worked up for the upcoming NUTS! Stalingrad book. It looked really nice, I’m looking forward to seeing a final review draft and then off to the world!!

DUST Tactics & 28mm GearKrieg works in progress

November 15, 2010

Just got the Dust Tactics basic game, lots of great stuff inside — but what I REALLY like are the Panzermechs!! I dunno why they call then “Robots” in the game since even by the time of WW2 that had come to mean an automaton, a self-directed machine rather than a human piloted machine. Oh well, suffice it to say that I love Panzermechs. First order of business will be to modify the mech’s with some new paint jobs and details. I will be adding TCs and gear to them, for example. I have also revived a fallow project to do a GearKrieg style mech. Using the Shapeways 3-D printing service I have had mech legs created for a mech body based off of a 1/56th scale Stuart tank. At $35 for a set of 3-D printed legs its steep, so I will do some resin casting experiments to make the rest.

The goal is to have a PanzerMech Zug on the German side and a ‘Mech platoon on the US side. More postings as this project progresses.

Dust "Mickey" and home-brewed Gear 'mechs

Dust "Mickey" and Gear 'Mech in progress