NUTS & Hell Hath no Fury tank control sheets & extra rules

Hell Hath No Fury from Two Hour Wargames is basically NUTS! but focused on tanks — your Star is a TC, and is in charge of a tank platoon. Just like in NUTS you’ll have various missions to complete.

After playing several games of Hell Hath no Fury, I wanted to add a few things that I think will add to the game. Since it’s tank-centric, I created Tank Control sheets that range from a tankette scale tank on up to a larger 5-crew tank. The control sheets also reflect each crew station, and lets you see at a glance what their REP is. The diagram of the tank also makes it easy to see your armor ratings, and it also includes your ammo stowage tally.

Full tank control sheet

The TC startled in shock as a Tiger tank burst from the tree line.

“Gunner, tank, 200 meters, 3 o’clock, load HVAP! Driver, hard left and gimme the gas!”

“We only got one golden BB, sarge,” the gunner yelled back as the loader scrambled to get the HVAP round into the breech as the tank lurched into motion.

“Well, we only got one shot at this anyway boys, so make it count!”

Welcome to the world of NUTS and Hell Hath no Fury
NUTS simplifies things so a player doesn’t have to worry about too many details during a game, trying to strike a balance between fun, playability and realism. But there’s a lot of variation in vehicles, guns, ammunition and other capabilities in WW2 that can add flavor to your game and let you toss some fodder to your inner realism bug. Here are some rules to add a little more detail and decision making to your NUTS and Hell Hath no Fury tank combat games. These rules include:

  • Range and Penetration
  • Angle of attack on your target
  • Different types of ammo (HVAP, HEAT, etc.)
  • Ammo stowage

You can apply these rules to all of your AFVs on the table, or just use them for your Star’s vehicle for a more dramatic effect on your game play.

Oh, and don’t forget to add the advanced vehicle rules from the NUTS! Compendium for the best tank on tank game ever!

HHTF enhanced AFV rules vDRAFT 091018

Here are the tank control sheets:

HHNF-NUTS Tank Star control sheet v083018



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