Faction book for Dux Arda – Durin’s Folk, Book of the Dwarves

Continuing the Dux Arda project for gaming Middle Earth is the first kingdom book – Durin’s Folk – the Book of the Dwarves. This fan-mod book created using ideas from Gunnar Lopez’s Dux Arda project uses the Dux Britanniarum rules from Too Fat Lardies and includes:

1. Brief history of the Dwarves in Middle Earth
2. Updated Faction forces
3. Faction cards
4. Creating a Dwarf as a Dux Arda character, including names, what Clan and the different characteristics.
5. Dwarf career paths tied into modified retainers and Kingdoms
6. Magic in Middle Earth
7. Underground Terrain
8. Modified Kingdom Enhancements
9. Specifics on Dwarven Kingdoms and Provices, and how they differ from other Factions
10. Modified Battles and Raid
11. Description of the Dwarven Halls at the time of the War of the Ring



Here’s the book file: Dux Arda – The Dwarven Kingdom Book v021919

Any comments/feedback welcomed!


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