NUTS! Stalingrad Scenario – Fillipov at the Bridge

This is a free scenario from the NUTS! Stalingrad – Heroes All campaign book.

Early Morning, November 22. Soviet Lt. Col G N Filippov, commander of 19th Tank Brigade of the 26th Tank Corps, launches a surprise attack against the key bridge at Kalach-on-Don — the 6th Army’s life-line to Stalingrad. Filippov’s attack is lead by three captured German vehicles, two Panzer III tanks and an armored car. Fillipov’s group passes unchallenged through the German lines and rolls towards the bridge, the follow-on units waiting until the first group starts its attack. German troops at Kalach, primarily mechanics and supply personnel, cheer when they see the tanks roll into town…until Feldwebel Wiemann, a security guard and gunner of an 88mm Flak gun, notices the tank riders on the Panzers aren’t German!!


Yelling in alarm as he scrambles for his gun, “Achtung, Achtung!!,” the Feldwebel is the first to react as the tanks open fire on the guards at the bridge. A desperate battle swirls around the bridge, the fate of 6th Army is at stake.

NUTS Stalingrad – Filippov at the Bridge





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