5150 Fighter Command in the Terran Trade Authority universe

At the below link are unofficial rules for using 5150 Fighter Command in the Terran Trade Authority universe.

The Terran Trade Authority universe is one of the most interesting settings created in science fiction. Launched initially as a series of spacecraft art books in the 1970s, the TTA universe has grown into a rich setting with additional background books, art and games.

According to the series original timeline, humans – aka ‘Terrans’ – became starfarers in the early 21st century, with the development of the DeVass Warp Generator. This is described as a spacefold-style faster-than-light drive, which brought space at the origin and destination into proximity, allowing a vessel at the former to transfer to the latter without crossing the intervening distance.

The future history states that after remote exploration of nearby star systems, contact was established with the inhabitants of the Alpha Centauri star system (the ‘Alphans’), with whom Terrans quickly became friends and allies. The second alien encounter at Proxima Centauri (with the ‘Proximans’ – long antagonistic towards the Alphans) resulted in the two-decade long ‘Proximan War.’ This war drove the development of space technology, resulting in many of the starship designs that inhabit the TTA universe and facilitating its further colonization.
These unofficial rules allow you to fight the battles of the Proximan War using the 5150 Fighter Command rules.


The main differences in the TTA setting are:
1. ALL ships, including fighters, have an FTL drive. This means there are no Jump Gates that serve as a focus point for combat.
2. NUKES! The TTA setting uses nuclear-tipped missiles, so lots of big booms going on.

Oh, and these guys are making some cool new 5150 FC star fighters, as well as a few TTA fighters: https://littlemetalspaceships.com/

5150 Fighter Command – Terran Trade Authority rules


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