Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner? A 5150: Fighter Command AAR

The Captain of the Daedalus carefully place the barely sipped wine glass down on the scuffed surface of the “formal” dinner table at which were seated senior members of the crews of the Daedalus and the Z-Class cruiser Bon Chance.

“Captain Avarine, we have reports that Hishen operatives have been attempting to purchase weapon systems and information from an independent…trader…operating from an Z-class cruiser very much like yours. I again request you open your data banks up to inspection.”

The smug looking skipper of the aging Z-Class cruiser Bon Chance leaned back in his lounge chair, and with a dismissive hand wave at the Captain of the Daedalus replied, “Captain, you have no jurisdiction in this sector, and have no authority to request we open up anything on my vessel for inspection – not the data banks, not a cargo bay, nor even the galley.”

“Be that as it may,” said the Captain of the Daedalus leaning forward angrily, “But with the Hishen threat ramping up, with ships on the move, we cannot allow this kind of activity to continue.”

“Threat, what threat Captain? The Hishen are our neighbors ,” chuckled Captain Avarine.

Yet as he opened his mouth to say more, the ship’s alert klaxons shrilled out and the comm system sputtered into life.

“Captain to the Bridge! Captain to the Bridge! We have incoming Hishen vessels, they do not respond to hails…their fire control radar is active!”

“Looks like the neighbors want to have a chat with you, Avarine, “ said the Captain of the Daedalus. “I’m going back to my ship, I suggest you go to action stations in case they have a delivery for you.”

The scenario calls for three PEFs which have already been as x3 bombers close to the Z-class cruiser, a Hishen Patroller in the center and x3 Fighters close to the Daedalus.

1. Hishen activate, Daedalus fails to activate. Hishen move towards targets.
2. Hishen activate, Daedalus fails to activate. Hishen move towards targets. Guess everyone’s still stunned by the sudden attack!
3. Daedalus 4, Hishen 1. The Captain’s boat launches from the Z-Class cruiser. Daedalus launches two Medium fighters on ready status. The Bon Chance alters course towards the Daedalus, which moves towards the Captain’s boat.
4. D3, H2: Captain’s boat hits afterburners towards home. Daedalus pass 1d6 on launch, delayed until next turn. 2x GP fighters move towards Hishen. The Bon Chance and the Daedalus move towards each other. Hishen move – fighters towards the Deadalus, Patroller and bombers towards Bon Chance. Bombers launch strike on the Bon Chance, x2 Dazzler torps and x4 torps. Torps move 10” and close on target.

5. D1, H4: Hishen move. Torp strike on the Bon Chance, which does a Brace roll and turns into torps and accelerates.

Dazzler EW torpedoes conduct a directed EW attack on the Bon Chance’s aging counter measures systems and  knock out sensors on the Bon Chance and cause -2 to hit penalty to it’s next action, which is to fire it’s defensive AA turrets.  The Cruiser rolls a total of 15 dice against the x4 incoming torpedoes using the Fighter Combat chart and only shoots down two of them. The other two torpedoes successfully strike the cruiser, knocking out its shields and the bridge.

The three light Hishen fighters move into range of the two medium Gaea Prime fighters, Reaction tests. H: 5,4,2, G: 3,2. H1 fighter shoots two missiles at GP1. GP1 decoys both, passes Under Fire.  GP1 cannot react fire, so it Barrel Rolls. G1 then fires two missiles at H3, damages it as it attempts to avoid being hit by jinking. G2 then shoots at H2, misses. Hishen dodges both missiles, it cannot react fire and so fires missiles on its turn, which are decoyed.

Two GP Light fighters launch from the Daedalus as the CapShips move towards each other

6. G2, H3. The Hishen go first. A Hishen fighter moves to gun attack GP Fighter 2, and misses. The GP fighter “Dogfights” in reaction doing a high energy Yo-yo and guns the Hishen, tearing it apart. The damaged Hishen attempts to also dogfight  against G2 and shoots guns, misses. H3 and G1 both engage in a dogfight with no hits. Both Hishen pass Ship Down.

Hishen Patroller advances on-the Bon Chance and triggers an Insight test. The Patroller wins and opens fire on the Bon Chance causing Hull Damage. The Bon Chance amazingly passes the under fire test despite damage from the torpedo attack and, returns fire and hits knocking down the Hishen Patroller’s thrusters and shields. The Hishen CapShip fails under fire and alters course away.

The Captain’s boat lands back at the Daedalus, and the Captain sprints for the bridge to assume command.

7. D3, H6: The Bon Chance moves towards The Daedalus, while Daedalus launches x2 more Light fighters (G 5&6)and moves towards the Bon Chance.

The GP medium fighters continue the attack against the Hishen. G1 goes in for gun pass on H1, x3 hits, kills it. G2 attacks H3, damages it. H3 passes under fire, reaction is to dogfight and does HighYo, gun attack. Misses. H3 passes ship lost test. GP 3 & 4 go afterburners towards the Bon Chance. Hishen all auto move.

8. D4, H1: The Bon Chance fires on the Hishen patroller, scoring one hit on Engines. The Hishen patroller fails reaction, but can’t change course so moves away some more. The Daedalus continues to move towards the Bon Chance. G1 must Dogfight to engage H3, does HiYo, gun pass, kills it.

GP fighters G3&4 move into close gun range of Hishen Patroller and conduct mass driver gun attacks. Note that all hits against CapShips with shields down can score damage on a “1.” The fighters score two hits, Engines and Hull, and the Hishen Patroller explodes. The Hishen bombers make Ship Down tests after seeing the Patroller explode within 5” of them, fail and veer off from their intent to do a gun pass on  the Bon Chance.  GP fighters 5&6 go afterburner towards the fray.

9. Over the next two turns the Gaea Prime light fighters use missiles and guns to blow the Hishen bombers into space dust.

In the aftermath of the skirmish, the Daedalus sends damage control crews to aid the Bon Chance in its DC/recovery efforts…and while on board discovered information linking Captain Avarine to arms and information sales to the Hishen. Avarine was arrested and the Bon Chance was impounded sent to a nearby GP starbase for further legal action.


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