Clash of Titans Errata

It sometimes comes to pass that one makes assumptions that do not hold up in more broad game play, some things maybe missed, and some rules not we well explained as they could be. This errata document addresses updates/explanations to Clash of Titans.

New Morale Advantages (p.15)

Q. “Plucky” and “Fanatic” have positive modifiers to “Non-Combat Reaction Tests.” How is this defined?

A. The intent if this is to simulate how poorly trained, yet highly motivated troops can stay in the fight where one might otherwise expect them to flee. So while technically all Reaction Tests in NUTS! are “combat tests,” in this instance, “Non-Combat Reaction Tests are defined as the following from the Infantry Reaction Tests QRS (NUTS!, p.80).

  • Received Fire
  • Wanting to Charge
  • Being Charged
  • Rally, Leader Lost & Man Down
  • Who Wants to Be a Hero

So “Non-Combat Reaction Tests” only pertain to the emotional/morale reaction to combat rather than more direct combat/physical actions like movement (Fast Move), reacting swiftly to an enemy (In Sight), recovering from injuries (Recover from Knock Down) and the like. Here’s an errata document for COTS.


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