PanzerMechs & Hedgerows

Howdy All,
Here’s the battle report for the NUTS! War Without End game demo’d at KublaCon. We had 7 players in all at one point, with people pushing lead and having fun. I hope you enjoy the BATREP!


10 Responses to “PanzerMechs & Hedgerows”

  1. Kamprgruppe Cottrell Says:

    Fantastic game! Wish I was there to partake in it.


  2. Sean Says:

    Great batrep. I loved the comic book format. Looks like it was a lot of fun. I’m sure Herr Skull will rise again.

  3. lrqan Says:

    Great batrep! How did you get the comic book feel?

  4. sbminisguy Says:

    Thanks! I used a program called “Comic Life” to build them. Comic Life does let you build web-versions but I can’t get WordPress to host properly, so I used jpegs of each page instead:

  5. lrqan Says:


  6. Mike Reese Says:

    If you need a read through send me a copy of the new rules. PDF is fine.

    Mike Reese

  7. KublaCon 2011: The Khan of Cons | Says:

    […] though, there’s an entire ballroom set up with not only War of the Roses, but BattleTech, PanzerMechs, Infinity Minis and Flames of War.  Just standing back and watching someone control an army of 50 […]

  8. Mike Reese Says:

    Getting draft back from Ed may be too late??? Check with him first though.

    Mike Reese

  9. sbminisguy Says:

    Well, he has the draft — hopefully it can be released by Historicon.

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