Gear Krieg Goes 28mm!

1/56th scale General Early Combat Walker

It’s official. Agis at AD Publishing made the rounds today to start talking about the 28mm Gear Krieg project that Brent Dietrich (Company B) and I are involved in. Company B co-founder Brent Dietrich and I have secured a license from Dream Pod 9 to produce their genre-making “Gear Krieg” alternate WW2 “Combat Walker” figures in 28mm scale. Gear Krieg is the original “hard science” Weird War setting that mixed fantastic technology with real human engineering to create a realistic, gritty Weird War 2 setting. The new product line will be called “Gears and Guts,” and will include 28mm Gear Krieg combat walkers and vehicles as well as other unique WW2-themed fantastic weapons, miniatures and accessories drawing from Company B’s unique and expansive line of 28mm compatible vehicle kits, accessories and miniatures.

We are also working with Agis Neugebauer at AD Publishing, he’s a master modeler and painter who has a supporting line of Gear Krieg supplements and game books.




The Guild


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