Additional Notes on Black Devils at a Skirmish Level

The platoon organization is given on the first page of the mini-supplement. I could do more details on the Black Devils, but it would fill up a whole book on its own! This was developed to let some local gamer buds do a few Stalingrad scenarios with their nicely painted 28mm Black Devils squads rather than as a lengthy campaign book (sooo much you could do with a Black Devil’s campaign!!)

If you fight at more than a platoon, here’s a typical Naval Infantry Company organization:

1x Company Command/Signals Squad
1x HMG Platoon w/ 2-3x HMG teams
1x Mortar Platoon w/ 2-3x 50mm and/or 82mm mortars
3x Rifle Platoons w/ 1x command section and 3-4 Rifle Squads (10 men, including LMG team)

A Naval Infantry platoon would usually *not* have organic HMG or Mortar support, but the Company Commander could task elements from the HMG and Mortar platoons to support an individual platoon.

There are Battalion level assets that could find their way into a scenario as well, such as units from the SMG company typically fielded by a Battalion, Pioneer units, Scouts, etc.

For transportation, that would depend upon the scenario – boat or amphib vehicle, leg, truck, etc., could all be utilized. After Lend Lease some Naval Infantry units got access to US Amphibious Jeeps and later in the war had access to DUKW vehicles as well – but those weren’t very common. During an amphibious operation they may be teamed up with gunboats and so on, so they could land someplace with Bronekater gunboat support, etc.

I hope that helps. If you want Battalion level TOE, then you are getting into larger scale games like Rapid Fire and Panzer Korps.


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