DUST Tactics & 28mm GearKrieg works in progress

Just got the Dust Tactics basic game, lots of great stuff inside — but what I REALLY like are the Panzermechs!! I dunno why they call then “Robots” in the game since even by the time of WW2 that had come to mean an automaton, a self-directed machine rather than a human piloted machine. Oh well, suffice it to say that I love Panzermechs. First order of business will be to modify the mech’s with some new paint jobs and details. I will be adding TCs and gear to them, for example. I have also revived a fallow project to do a GearKrieg style mech. Using the Shapeways 3-D printing service I have had mech legs created for a mech body based off of a 1/56th scale Stuart tank. At $35 for a set of 3-D printed legs its steep, so I will do some resin casting experiments to make the rest.

The goal is to have a PanzerMech Zug on the German side and a ‘Mech platoon on the US side. More postings as this project progresses.

Dust "Mickey" and home-brewed Gear 'mechs

Dust "Mickey" and Gear 'Mech in progress


7 Responses to “DUST Tactics & 28mm GearKrieg works in progress”

  1. herrodadog Says:

    i’m looking forward to seeing your finished product. i’m glad you’re doing this b/c i’ve been really curious about this game and don’t want to start another project. i’m like you in that i’m crazy about www2. i’ve recently gotten into ‘incursion’ and am working on a game board: http://thehistoricalminiaturist.blogspot.com/2010/11/taking-incursion-out-for-excursion.html

  2. sbminisguy Says:

    Wow! That’s a cool 3D board and I like your site, very nice! I want to give the German mechs a nice late-war camo paint job, so I’ll have to relearn the art of airbrushing. The US mechs should be pretty straightforward — some detailing, a wash, highlights and muddy feet should help.

  3. Brian Cottrell Says:

    What’s this 3D thing you are taking about? Are those paper legs?


  4. sbminisguy Says:

    Hi Brian,
    No, they are a type of white resin. You can create objects using a 3-dimensional drawing program like Blender or Rhino, like a CAD program, and then have those “printed” in 3-D by machines that can lay down a fast drying resin in multiple layers to build up almost any object you can model. It’s a great way to prototype something. I worked with an artist I met through the forums at Shapeways (http://www.shapeways.com/) to create the legs, and then I had a set printed.

    There’s also a company called “Moddler” in San Francisco which does very high-end 3D printing. It’s being used by a number of miniatures firms, like Rebel Minis, to do prototypes and masters for metal casting, as well as for special effects and toy/collectible figure firms:


    I’ve been dabbling at the 3D drawing programs, it will be a long time before I can do something interesting though. More of a writer than an artist!! Anyway, 3-D art and 3-D printing is the way to go, you see Mantic Games, Wargames Factory and others doing it as well.

  5. herrodadog Says:

    brown ink works good for me but i drybrush first b4 ink wash. u need to experiment since i usually paint by feel. sorry, that’s as descriptive as i can get. hope that helps.

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