28mm WW2 Greek Infantry product review

Thumbs up for RifRaf Miniatures new line of 28mm WW2 Greek infantry!


RifRaf’s 28mm WW2 Greek infantry figures fill an  interesting gap in the 28mm WW2 gaming world. Started as a private collection project, the figures are now commercially available and will allow you to build a basic Greek infantry platoon, typical of those who defeated Mussolini’s legions and fought valiantly against the Germans from October 1940 to April 1941 before being forced to surrender. The figures could also be used for Greek infantry defending Crete in 1941.

RifRaf 28mm WW2 Greek Infantry Squad

28mm WW2 Greek Infantry squad

RifRaf’s Greek infantry figures are well sculpted, with a fair amount of detail. The castings are clean with minimal flash and while some figures are on the small-ish size for 28mm, on the whole they compare favorably in size to Bolt Action/Warlord Games 28mm and other figures lines.

28mm WW2 Greek infantry figure from RifRaf

Figures compare favorably to other figure lines on the market

BTD Italian rifle on the Left, Bolt Action Italian in Center, RifRaf Greek Infantry on the Right

In a basic squad you have a good variety of poses. There are four different rifleman poses, two different officer poses, two non-com poses, a Chauchat LMG team, a rifle grenade figure and a 45mm mortarman and mortar.

Good variety of poses and energy

On The Miniatures Page and Lead Adventure Forum, David Burns, who started this project, has said he plans more figures in this line including more infantry, HMGs, artillery and more. If they are as well sculpted and cast as these figures, I can’t wait to get some!


2 Responses to “28mm WW2 Greek Infantry product review”

  1. Scott Kirkwood Says:


    These figure are sold by Templar Wargames & Scenery on behalf of Mr D Burns.


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