Photos from OstFront city fight game

Here are some pictures from a recent NUTS! OstFront city fight game using the Clash of Titans source book.

The game was played at the South Bay Game Club in San Jose, CA.

Basic scenario: Two squads of Russian infantry and a Militia squad faced off with two squads of German infantry and a Stosstruppen unit (SMGs and a Flamethrower).

Objective: Kill each other! Pretty simple. The battle ended up focusing (once again) on the large apartment building on the table, with both sides maneuvering to capture it. The Soviets moved to flank the building, and planned to send a squad to take it but bad Initiative rolls kept that squad from moving smartly. The Germans basically mirrored the Soviet plan, sending squads to each flank to support an attack up the middle.

The Stosstruppen squad took it on the chin from LMG fire, losing several members and then were slowed by rifle fire from the Militia squad. The Militia served more as a roadblock than an attacking force. Their Rep 4 Kommisar (Born Leader) got himself killed early on dashing across open ground…long range German rifle fire, youch! With no leadership bonuses, the Militia were fragile and had to stick to a defensive roll. Further, being mostly Rep 3 they really couldn’t hit targets in cover and the Germans rarely exposed themselves to fire, using the rubble to good effect. But they did slow the German attack down, which should be their main role in a game.

Given their low Rep levels, Militia in NUTS are best used to slow down or pin an enemy while using higher Rep level squads to move in on the flanks for the kill. FIX, FLANK, FINISH.

After some sharp firefights on either flank the action shifted to the center, where a German squad and a Soviet squad moved to take the Apartment Building. The Soviets stormed the half of the building occupied by the Germans with a flurry of grenades, but failed in their assault (we played that unless an actual floor nap was used, all grenade attacks were conducted against Targets in Cover). The German counter attack was much more effective and sent the Soviets reeling back from grenades and SMG fire.

And then it was curtains for the Militia. The Stosstruppen finally got their assault rolling and SMG fire pinned the plucky Defenders down in a ruined building while the flamethrower team moved up. WHOOSH! A quarter of the Militia were killed with a well aimed blast of flame, and the survivors ran like heck!

At this point the Soviets called the game. The center German player had seized the apartment building (with no casualties!!), and the Soviets were bloodied and unable to mount another assault. A German victory.

Thanks for your time!!


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