Resource Guide for 28mm WW2 Eastern Front Gaming

Gaming the Eastern Front in 28mm
Below is a list of resources for the 28mm figures and terrain you need for skirmish gaming the Eastern Front. This may not be a complete list, and I’ll try to keep it updated.

28mm Figures

28mm Vehicles

28mm Urban Terrain

  • Other Terrain details and bits: Browse model train shops (Brick & Mortar, and online) for O-scale scenics and building kits, as well as Model Dollhouse providers for “1/4 scale” furniture and accessories that fit 28mm terrain quite well.

Information About the Eastern Front
In addition to figures and terrain, there is a large amount of information out there about the Eastern Front  –  but David Glantz and Stephen Zaloga are two historians who have covered this theatre of the war prolifically and in detail.  Here are some great starter resources for understanding the Eastern Front. Each of these authors have more in-depth looks at specific campaigns, Glantz in particular is the current master historian of all things Eastern Front.

  • General History of the Eastern Front
    • The Road to Stalingrad: Stalin`s War with Germany, Volume One (Erickson, John, Stalin’s War With Germany, V. 1.)
    • The Road to Berlin (Erickson, John , Stalin’s War with Germany Volume II)
    • Russia’s War: A History of the Soviet Effort: 1941-1945 (Overy, Richard)
  • Units and Uniforms
    • Slaughterhouse: The Handbook of the Eastern Front (Glantz, David)
    • The Red Army Handbook 1939-1945 (Zaloga, Steven)
    • German Army Handbook 1939-1945 (Lucas, James)
    • Osprey Publishing:
      • Wide range of country and unit specific books and guides covering all the countries and major units involved in the Eastern Front

5 Responses to “Resource Guide for 28mm WW2 Eastern Front Gaming”

  1. herrodadog Says:

    great job on this list! many thanks. and also congrats on the book release.

  2. sbminisguy Says:

    Thanks!! Now on to the next book 🙂

  3. Shayne Treasure Says:

    New Range Romanians would like to add to your list

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