Back by popular demand – some BGWW2 files

Before primarily playing NUTS! WW2 Skirmish, my rules of choice for WW2 skirmish were Battleground WW2 by Easy Eight Enterprises. They are a great set of rules that use card activation to mitigate “IGOUGO” problems. Here’s a review of them on the  old The Miniatures Page rules directory, though they are currently only supported by its fan base since the original producers (Easy Eight) went out of business and the legal status of the rules are in limbo:

You can still get the rules from a few sources, including Pacific Sky Games,, though no new content other than fandom is being generated.

As a BGWW2 fan I created a number of variants and battle reports. Here are two that Brian Cotrell at the awesome BGWeird War 2 site (and unofficial keeper of all things BGWW2 and Weird War BGWW2 – recently requested:

Battleground Wild Wild West: A complete Old West variant that includes black powder weapons, stage coaches — the whole works! You could even use it for ACW gaming.

Battleground Wild Wild West v101808-2


Battleground Cthulhu: This was an attempt to create a cohesive set of rules that allowed players to skirmish against Eldritch horror and Cthulhean nasties, in addition to magic, psionics, etc.:

Battleground Cthulhu v2

Battle report for “Downfall 1945” WW2 skirmish game set in Berlin, 1945. In this “what if” scenario The Fueher tries to escape the Soviets by making his way to an LZ where an FA-223 Drache helicopter awaits — a race against time as the Russians close the noose. The game ran at Kublacon in 2008:

Downfall 1945 game report


3 Responses to “Back by popular demand – some BGWW2 files”

  1. Paul O'Grady Says:

    Love the Downfall report – famtastic stuff!!!

  2. sbminisguy Says:

    Thanks, I appreciate your visiting my blog!!

  3. Paul O'Grady Says:

    You are welcome – I really enjoyed it, especially when a trooper got eaten!
    I’ve posted a link to it at my own blog here:

    Now I’ve got a hankering to add some helos to my WWW2 Germans, maybe a gunship, though airmobile (Luftbewegliche?) strumtruppen take my fancy too!

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