NKVD Special Action Brigade

Now that our intrepid team has survived a Zed attack, they’ve been roped into an NKVD “Special Action Brigade,” or Специальные бригады действий. This is a loose command structure which allows the NKVD to create both dedicated core teams and ad-hoc teams of members pulled from various units for special missions to deal with the German occult threat. Oops…metaphysical threat, since according to doctrine there can be nothing “Occult” since religion is a sop for the masses…therefore there can be no “Occult” (which would imply higher and lower powers), just physical laws we don’t yet understand.

So the NKVD’s Metaphysics Research Bureau, or Метафизика-исследовательское бюро, is tasked with understanding and combating the German threat and delving into these poorly understood aspects of science — from spoon bending and remote viewing to zombies and “magic.”

Looks like this special unit deserves a back history!


2 Responses to “NKVD Special Action Brigade”

  1. Tom Says:

    After months of painting, reading rules, debating meaning, and trying to get our head around Nuts!, my opponent and I tried our first game last weekend. After a few turns, we both agreed we must be doing something terribly wrong, and we hung the game up there to try to figure out more.

    Today I joined the THW Yahoo group, and found archives apparently filled with FAQ’s written for the first edition. Or I’m even more wrong about how things work than I ever thought.

    Would you have the time to walk me through a few questions about how Nuts is supposed to work? My email is at:
    badsockpuppet AT aol DOT com
    with substitutions where best needed.

    Thanks. Love your work, here, really wish I lived in your neck of the woods on a game day!

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