NUTS! OstFront Demo Game AAR

March 20th, 2010 – NUTS! Demo Game at the Game Kastle hobby shop in Santa Clara, CA

The demo game was designed to introduce new players to the NUTS! WW2 Skirmish system, and was set in a rubble choked urban combat setting — Stalingrad!

Stalingrad Demo Game Table

The game attracted 4 players. Each player had their choice of one leader card and one unit of infantry.

Red Army Leader Cards

Heer Leader Cards

Part I: Rumble in the Rubble

The Soviet players entered with the Militsya on the right, moving quickly to occupy a tall ruined building. In the center the Red Army unit moved in towards a prominent rubble pile, and on the left the Black Devils (naval infantry) moved down an alley.

Militsya move into a tall ruined building

Red Army infantry moves towards the center

Vorwarts! The German infantry moved into the center, and quickly send an LMG team to the third floor of a building on the right and occupied a large apartment building in the center.

German LMG team takes deadly aim

The Soviet objective -- The Apartment Building

The German LMG team is quick on the draw as the Red Army unit moves into sight, passing its Insight Test and opening fire, shooting down the assistant LMG gunner, while the gunner dived for cover. More LMG bullets sprayed the Militsya unit across the square as they moved into view, driving them back under cover.

With the German LMG dominating the table, the Soviets were forced to advance cautiously and the wide open square became an impassable no-man’s land.  The Soviets advanced in short rushes to the top of the rubble pile in the center while taking LMG fire and rifle fire. On the right flank the Militsya traded sporadic fire with the LMG crew until crackshots Boris and Natalya could maneuver into shooting positions.

Soviets take the rubble pile, high ground in a ruined city

On the left flank the Black Devils advanced on the Apartment building, taking heavy fire from the Germans inside, taking cover inside ruins across the street and exchanging shots with the German defenders, stopping an abortive German attempt to advance across the street and assault the Rubble Pile.

Black Devils advance on the Apartment

The Soviets occupied the Rubble Pile, sustaining serious casualties, but Boris and Natalya finally got into firing position and started to take a deadly toll on the Germans. Adin, Dva, Tri! Pow, Pow, Pow! The German LMG team was knocked out, and Germans in the Apartment Building driven back from the windows.

The German LMG team falls

Boris -- your friendly local Soviet crack shot!

The Black Devils assaulted a building adjacent to the Apartment building, laying down covering fire and blasting out the Germans with handgrenades. With the building secure they began peppering the Apartment building with bursts from their SMGs. Chto eta? Nemetski tank!! A German Stug III cranked into site to take the Soviets under fire. Luckily for the Soviets a T34 fresh off the assembly line in the Stalingrad Tractor Factory entered at the end of the very same street as the Stug!

Stug and T34 face off!!

Crack-kow! BLAM! Ka-Chow! The two armored beasts hacked away at each other with main gun fire. The Stug commander failed his Clank Test several times, but each time poked his 75mm gun back around the corner of a shattered building to take the T34 under fire. With the big beasts duking it out, the infantry action entered a lull — no one wanted to leave the safety of cover until they had armor on their side. Eventually the Stug made a move towards a side street, exposing its flank…fatal move…Strelayatye!!! Kachang-BOOM! Flames erupted from the Stug, and the surviving crew bailed out only to be cut down by hail of lead from the T34’s hull MG and the Russians on the Rubble Pile.

Blazing Stug -- testament to a close quarters tank duel

The T34 ground forward to take the Apartment Building under fire, 76mm gun and hull mounted MG blazing! The Soviets on the Rubble Pile and the crack shots of the Militsya poured small arms fire onto the German defenders.

The unfinished, rough cast T34's hull blends into its surrounding as it fires on the Germans.

Their flank was turned…LMG team dead…Stug III in flames, burning with its crew…under close range tank and machine gun fire the Germans abandoned the Apartment Building and quickly ran for the safety of their own lines. The Soviets scrambled to occupy the Apartment Building that had cost them so dearly, celebrating their hard fought victory. But the Germans would return that night, unleashing a horrible weapon upon the Soviet defenders…stay tuned for Part II…When The Fallen Foe Shall Rise!!


8 Responses to “NUTS! OstFront Demo Game AAR”

  1. Trujillo Francisco Says:


    very impressive and awesome. you have just completed one of my dream table top battles that i have yet to create and game. thanx for the inspiration. i also want to add sewers in mine. great job and keep it up.


  2. sbminisguy Says:

    Thanks!! I also have sewers on my “going to do” list. I purchased some textured O-scale brick work paper from a model train store and am trying to figure out what to make my sewer sections from. Should I try MDF bases and balsa walls?? I am also working on a slag heap for a planned game, if I get a chance I’ll post a report on how I made it.

  3. Trujillo Francisco Says:

    i recognize some of the figures (btd for the black devils). were your buildings scratch built as well as the rubble piles?

  4. sbminisguy Says:

    Most of the figures are Bolt Action and Victory Force, with some BTD. The buildings are a combo of Battleworks Studios, Amera Plastics, Armorcast and O-scale model railroad buildings. They are mounted on heavy plastic stock, modified and weatherized. Some of the rubble piles are scratch built, and the bits scattered about are a combo of scratchbuilt, O-scale railroad terrain/furniture and bits and odds from various sources. I always scatter O-scale chalk “bricks” and ballast, bits of balsa wood (representing beams and debris) and O-scale furniture about to make the table look messy. The T34 is a 1/50 Solido diecast, the Stug is a 1/48th Tamiya kit. I’ve found O-scale model train buildings and accessories to be really useful in creating an urban combat table.

  5. Trujillo Francisco Says:

    great touch. i really appreciate your effort and creativity. i just recently gotten into 28mm skirmish since i’m primarily a 15mm FoW and FoG player. Nuts! really opened my eyes as well as the whole family of THW games.

    are the cobbled streets bumpy? how’d u do it? nice detail – like the realistic look b/c it’s better’n being flat like most terrain tables.

  6. Trujillo Francisco Says:

    ok – correct me if i’m wrong but it seems like u used a grey colored blanket or fabric and ran a printed stencil to simulate cobblestones. very clever! so where’d u get that stencil or did u make it from scratch?

  7. sbminisguy Says:

    The terrain mat was made from a heavy plastic-fabric ground cloth you use in your garden to keep weeds from growing, spackled, painted and sealed. The cobblestone patterns were from a stencil I had made by Litko Aero, you can buy it now online from them:

    The wood it is made of is rather thin, and it starts to warp after being saturated with spray paint so I’d suggest either using light coats or having some heavy objects you can sandwich the stencil between after use so it doesn’t curl.

  8. Trujillo Francisco Says:

    cool – thanx!

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